Luke Katemba: The Nubian Skywalker

Before we even get into today’s creative, I think it’s only right that we fully acknowledge his influence on me and my blog. Without his blog, and seeing the kind of engagement and feedback he receives, I don’t think I would have had enough confidence to start my own blog. Also, from my few conversations with him, the humility and professionalism he has are really quite inspirational. For me, at least, he is what I consider a model Zambian blogger.

Without further ado ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Luke Katemba (otherwise known as QuirkyBoi or Nubian Skywalker):


Luke is an experiential and lifestyle blogger, and in simple terms, it means he goes to cool events and/or places, and tells the story through his lens. He has a knack for sharing and wants to bring back reading culture, so he decided to start a blog detailing his experiences.

He has loved writing since as early as he can remember; back in primary school, when asked to write about his holidays, Luke says he would light up at the opportunity to delve into every detail he could. He equates the feeling of putting the words on paper to actually going through those experiences all over again, and it’s a feeling he’s never detached himself from since. After receiving positive feedback on his first blog post about an event he attended, he decided to do it more often, and he’s been at it since. His most recent post was about his Global Citizen experience down in South Africa – you can read about it here.

When I was just getting started on my own blog, Luke’s was on of the first I came across, and the first I saw from a Zambian male. He wrote with so much charisma and confidence, and it gave me the extra nudge to get my blog up and running. “If people react so well to his writing, what makes me any different?”, I thought to myself. And here we are. But even my hero has heroes. Luke cites Benny Blow as one of his big inspirations, describing him as a game-changer with top-notch experiential writing skills.

Like with South African superstar Bonang Matheba at the 2018 Champagne Picnic in Lusaka.

Luke hopes to open his readers’ eyes to different experiences, and pertaining to Zambians specifically, to “show them there’s more to lifestyle than just the bars.” His “big picture” is having a lifestyle publication that showcases the Zambia’s true entertainment value.

Wanna join the party? Feel free to join in on any of the following:


Facebook: Luke Katemba

Instagram: @luke.katemba

Twitter: @NubianSkywalker


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